Currently big changes in employment can be observed. These imply a rise in the demand for non-routine cognitive and interpersonal skills. A contemporary mode of learning to develop the competencies of learners of different target groups on the basis of entrepreneurship principles has to be developed because it will be suitable for an environment characterized by uncertainty, speed, complexity and interdisciplinary working. With this view of learning, the role of HEI teachers is changing too. In addition to being a subject expert acquainted with ways to transmit knowledge, HEI teachers are now required to have effective teaching qualifications being able to produce learning outcomes for learners in the fields of economics and business, both at the university and enterprise/institution level. This work package is dedicated to define a competence based framework for the development of a

  • certification program for the development of Teaching Competencies in Economics and Business for HEI teachers
  • CACTLE course catalog for employees of enterprises/institutions
  • core-curriculum for students of an accredited elective “Entrepreneurship and Business development”.

The development of the framework will be supported by the intensive exchange of information between the members of the work group.