Irrespective of the subject, development of competence requires three types of knowledge: conceptual, procedural and strategic knowledge. To support the achievement of the outcomes of the

  • certification program for HEI
  • CACTLE course catalog for employees of enterprises/institutions
  • accredited core-curriculum of the elective “Entrepreneurship and Business development”

this work package is dedicated to develop teaching, training and learning material that focuses both on the theoretical background (conceptual knowledge) and on concrete problems (procedural and strategic knowledge) in the fields of

  • Teaching Competencies in Economics and Business for HEI teachers
  • business administration competencies for employees of enterprises/institutions
  • Entrepreneurship and Business development both for students of an accredited elective and participants of CACTLE courses on this subject

To consider current trends in teaching all material will be created both in print and in online version to be used both for in class teaching and in long-distance learning. The development of the material will be supported by intensive exchange of information between the members of the work group.