The overall structure of the project management will be based on the idea of a linking pin organization. The University for Economics and Business (P1) will act as the project coordinator. 4 inter-organizational work groups will be established to work on the outputs of the project:

  • Implementation of the CACTLE (WG1)
  • Framework for qualification (WG2)
  • Teaching, Training and Learning material (WG3)
  • Qualification of target groups (WG4)

Each work group will be provided with work packages and timelines. Leaders of a work group are responsible for deliverance of the outputs. 2 steering committees will be established as boards for

  • quality management (SC1)
  • financial management. (SC2)

Each committee will be established by two European partners and two Central Asian partners from each country. Each committee will be provided with exactly defined

  • quality criteria
  • guidelines for the financial management

1 contact person (CP1-9) from each university in each Central Asian country will be nominated. Each person responsible will be provided with job descriptions containing defined duties and responsibilities as well as timelines.

Regularly scheduled coordination meetings serve as a strategic tool for decision-making. It is the main task of this setting to proof the quality of interim and final results of the project and the overall quality of the project activities in order to plan or correct further project activities if necessary.

Decisions concerning the day-to-day-work will be operated by the leaders of the work groups in accordance with the project aims and the strategic decisions of the coordination meetings.

Depending on the work package, all interim results and final results will be collected by a web-based project management tool that will also serve as a virtual communication and reporting tool for all partners during the whole duration of the project.

This work package is dedicated to implement the described project management and project controlling tools.