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In AKSU successfully completed training on the AMT program within the framework of CACTLE ERASMUS + project in the "Central Asian Center for Teaching, Teaching and Entrepreneurship" from 06/06/2018. until 08/06/2018. for teachers on the theme "CREATIVE TRAINING":

- What is the difference between training and lesson?

-How to craft a training?

-How do I write about myself as a trainer ?

-How to write a training program?

-Selling title?

-Promoting the training?


- Handouts?

-Conflict management ?

The trainings were conducted by a professional expert of his field, who received an international certificate in the framework of the CACTLE ERASMUS project + trainer Zotov Arthur Vladimirovich.

The trainings were held at a positive pace, despite the rich program. Immediately after receiving theoretical knowledge, all information was fixed in practical trainings, with the work of teachers among themselves, divided into groups. The training included motivational inserts, examples and stories from various fields of activity

The participants of the training received a huge amount of knowledge and skills how to correctly write trainings, about themselves and how to promote their trainings.

All the participants of the training noted the high professionality of the trainer, his excellent knowledge of the material and the real benefit from attending the training.

In conclusion, the participants of the training received certificates signed by the rector of AKSU. Participants of the training expressed their gratitude to trainer Zotov A.V. and the team of the CACTLE ERASMUS + center for an individual and creative approach to the individual presentation of the material, for organizing the training and wished further development of professional activity, creative successes and well-being.

14 June 2018
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