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Final National Meeting in Kyrgyzstan

On September 5, 2018 at 9-00 in the KNU was held the final meeting within the

framework of the Erasmus + CACTLE project, in cooperation with universities, the partners

from Austria, Germany, Spain and other Central Asian countries.

The meeting was attended by representatives of three partner universities, colleagues from

European universities, a representative of the Ministry of Economics, representatives of the

Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Social Entrepreneurs.

At the meeting, the results of the three-year work in the project were summed up, each partner of

the university gave an account of holding seminars for students, teachers, the number of

participants who received international certificates; shared their experience and acquired new

knowledge in the field of professional development of university teachers.

The main event of the final meeting was the signing of the memorandum by the three rectors on

further cooperation and the creation of a single base for CACTLE centers in three universities:

- Kyrgyz National University named after Zh. Balasagyn,

- International University of Kyrgyzstan

-Kyrgyz State University named after Arabaev.

5 September 2018
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