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The 3rd training seminars of the CACTLE project in Kyrgyz National University

On September 12, in the assembly hall of the main building of Kyrgyz National University (KNU)   was held the first official meeting in Bishkek for participants of the project CACTLE "Implementing a Central Asian Center for teaching, learning and entrepreneurship", Erasmus+. The welcoming remarks was delivered by Mrs. Chinara Adamkulova,  the rector of KNU on  the occasion of the first official meeting on “Implementing a Central Asian Center for teaching, learning and entrepreneurship” project:

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome all of you to this unique gathering, which brings together key representatives from European and Central Asia countries.  We are honored to host participants of the CACTLE project. This project, implemented within the framework of the program Erasmus+, this project very important not only for our University but for all partners in Central Asia, because its main purpose is to not only training students, but also training, retraining  entrepreneurs and teachers.

 We hope that this project will reach its goal, and we can get new experience from our European and Central Asian colleagues and to apply it in Kyrgyz National University.

Opening remarks of the 3rd training seminars were delivered also by the European partners:

·          Mr. Joseph Aff, project leader of the CACTLE, Professor of the University of Vienna;

·          Mr. Gerhard Heller, deputy project Manager of the CACTLE, Professor, Vienna University;

·          Mrs. Alena Kralova, independent expert, project observer of the European Union, Professor of the Prague University of Economics;

·          Mr. Nikolov Dionisi, project coordinator, Professor of the University of Vienna

·          Mrs. Gulnara Chokusheva, national coordinator of Erasmus+ in Kyrgyzstan.

The training seminars were finished on 17th of September. During the training seminars, the participants were separated into two groups. First group consists from the lecturers of Central Asian universities, who had intensive and productive trainings to increase their qualification and learn new methods of education. The lecturers emphasized, that the trainings were very interesting and useful for them. The second group consists from the contact persons and coordinators of the project. They discussed the business plan of the CACTLE project, ways to promote and run the project to achieve its goals.  

The objective of the 3rd training seminars of the CACTLE project in KNU, Bishkek has been achieved. 19 November 2016
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