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CACTLE presentation for the companies

CACTLE presentation for the companies
Created by Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva at Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 12:41 PM
Place of activity:AKSU in Bishkek, Kyrgyzsthan
Date of activity:5 September 2018
Protocol:Powerpoint presentation PRESENTATOIN-CACTLE for company 1.ppt
Participants:Total: 10
Level of Dissemination:regional
Type of Information given:

   24.11.17. Today morning I visited my sister Sydykulova Aysuluu Asankulovna, who works in the BAKAI BANK as a chief specialist. I told her about our project CACTLE. I, as the coordinator of the CACTLE project, explained that the trainings and seminars that our CACTLE Center offers are very qualitative, useful and applicable in the branches of the bank. Let's say that our coach Zotov Arthur Vladimirovich, who has extensive experience in all sectors, is interested in conducting trainings. And the forthcoming trainings on the topics of "Marketing" and "Human Resource Management" are suitable for listening to the employees of BAKAY BANK in the CACTLE Center. And I also showed her sites https://management.cactle.eu/login/index.php,
 https://www.facebook.com/cactle.kyrgyzstan  where you can pay attention and study even more in detail about the training objectives. Aisuluu was very impressed and promised that she would send the employees of BAKAY BANK to listen to these trainings. In addition, she gave out to all employees the booklets of our CACTLE project.

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