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CACTLE presentation for the AKSU teachers

CACTLE presentation for the AKSU teachers
Created by Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva at Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 12:22 PM
Place of activity:AKSU in Bishkek, Kyrgyzsthan
Date of activity:28 October 2016
Protocol:Image (JPEG) AKSU-teachers.jpg
Participants:Total: 20
Level of Dissemination:regional
Type of Information given:presentation

CACTLE presentation for the AKSU teachers

On the 28th of October, 2016 the Contact Person of the CACTLE Project, Anisa Borubaeva, and the Coordinator of the project, Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva, together with the selected teachers for the project, Bolot Oruzbaev, Erkin Momunov and Arthur Zotov, organized presentation to the teachers of the Arabaev Kyrgyz State University.

The Contact Person, Anisa Biraevna, made an introduction, telling the teacher about the project, its aims and partners, plans and strategies in Central Asia, particularly in Kyrgyzstan. She also explained why the project is needed to our university, as well as how the project managers selected the proper candidates. The Coordinator, Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva, made a more detailed PowerPoint presentation about the CACTLE project and its partners, particularly European partner universities.

Arthur Zotov continued with his PP presentation on Vienna Model of Teaching, its differences and advantages. While telling he also asked the AKSU teachers about how they approach their lectures, seminars, and made comparisons. When it slowly turned into a conversation and debates between the CACTLE and AKSU teachers, the Rector, Mr. Felix Turdulov, focused everyone’s attention to the fact that AKSU got in the project thanks to the efforts of Anisa Borubaeva, who is also the Director on External Relations, and with apologies for his busy schedule left the room. So, the teachers continued the discussion at the table with snacks and coffee/tea. The AKSU teachers got very interested in the project, and now are waiting the project to start and work successfully in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, they promised not just to help and participate but also promote it among other teachers and potential students.

31 Октябрь 2016

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