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Seminar “Basics of entrepreneurship” for ENU staff

Seminar “Basics of entrepreneurship” for ENU staff
Created by Picture of Armiyash Nurmagambetova Armiyash Nurmagambetova at Thursday, 27 September 2018, 12:48 PM
Place of activity:Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumliyov in Astana, Kazakhstan
Date of activity:9 September 2016
Participants:Total: 70
Level of Dissemination:regional
Type of Information given:presentation

On September 9 2016, was held seminar “Basics of entrepreneurship” for ENU staff. There were invited business coaches and future Certified university teachers of CACTLE project Erasmus+ program.

Vice-rector on academic affairs Moldazhanova A.A. addressed with an opening speech for seminar participants. Mrs Moldazhanova noticed that it is necessary to improve entrepreneurial skills among the students in order to obtain startup projects as an outcome. According to Vice-rector opinion, the university should develop the entrepreneurial capacity building for transformation ENU in Research University.

Invited business coachers Serikov Temirbolat and Koishugulov Erbol presented their master class on the theme “Leadership.Motivation&Development” and “Sales techniques”.


The second part of the event was devoted to the presentation of CACTLE center and CACTLE team. It was given more information about future CACTLE center purposes and activity.

After the presentation, future certified university teachers (CUT) presented their materials on the following themes:

Nurmaganbetova Armiyash – “Integrated technologies of entrepreneurial education”;

Slyamova Balnur – “Mental model”;

Assanov Seilbek – “Technology of mixed education “Flipped classroom”.


At the end of the seminar, it was conducted surveys for further development of CACTLE centre activity.

Attending distribution channels:Other
Attending CACTLE-Members:

Armiyash Nurmagambetova

Asemgul Moldazhanova

Balnur Slyamova

Didar Karatayev

Attending CACTLE-Institutions:P10: ENU Astana
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