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Monitoring of CACTLE by NEO Uzbekistan

Monitoring of CACTLE by NEO Uzbekistan
Created by Picture of Sanobar Ismoilova Sanobar Ismoilova at Thursday, 8 September 2016, 2:21 PM
Place of activity:Information Resource Center of Ferghana state university in Ferghana, Uzbekistan
Date of activity:9 August 2016
Protocol:Word 2007 document CACTLE monitoring agenda.docx
Participants:Total: 25
Level of Dissemination:national
Type of Information given:presentation

August 9, 2016 in the Fergana State University was held a Field monitoring of CACTLE project. Monitoring was conducted by representatives of NEO Uzbekistan Aziza Abdurahmanova - NEO coordinator and expert K.Bahadirov. Partisipants of the project made presentations and provided  report on the objectives of the project, activities and expected results of the project, dissimination strategy. Special attention was paid to the exchange of experience in project management, activity of steering commitees and portal. 

After the performances invited  participants from other universities of the Fergana Valley  asked their questions concerning the project.  Handouts and booklets about the project were given to all participants.

Representatives of the NEO  offered to participants of the CACTLE to make a presentation at an information day which will be held in Tashkent in November 2016 and to share their experience with participants of other projects operating in HEI of  Uzbekistan.

Attending distribution channels:
Attending CACTLE-Members:

Khakimov Dilshodjon, Sattarova Hilola, Asrakulov Abdurakhmon, Ismoilova Sanobar, Urinov Dilshodjon

Attending CACTLE-Institutions:P12: FSU Ferghana
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