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'APOENA -Trainer Skills Master Class'

'APOENA -Trainer Skills Master Class'
Created by Picture of Regina Andekina Regina Andekina at Wednesday, 16 November 2016, 6:23 PM
Place of activity:MOST Business Incubator (Narxoz University) in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Date of activity:25 July 2016
Participants:Total: 10
Level of Dissemination:international
Type of Information given:presentation

THE CACTLE- Narxoz trainer Ainur Tankiyeva attended the workshop for entrepreneurship trainers  'APOENA -Trainer Skills Master Class' hosted by MOST Business Incubator and delivered by Youth Business International and Alanca Empeendedora during July 25 - 29, 2016. 

Overall Purpose of this workshop was to enable entrepreneurship trainers to increase the effectiveness of their service provision for young entrepreneurs through the development of essential skills

The vast majority of the learning in this 4 day workshop was experiential, with participants learning both about theories and techniques by actively taking part then reflecting on their own experiences.  The core of the workshop was based around three core concepts: andragogy (adult learning), group dynamics theory, and experiential learning theory. Participants were invited to reflect on their own facilitation/training styles in light of these concepts and the contexts in which they work, and identify areas in which they may need to develop. Other topics that were explored through a combination of presentation, discussion and experiential activities were: conflict management styles, interpersonal communication, psychological games, and feedback theory. A number of facilitation tools and techniques were also presented, including the Art of Hosting, World Café, mobile facilitation, and dramatization. On the final day, participants were given the opportunity to practice the new techniques and theories in a safe environment by facilitating a training session and receiving feedback from their peers.

Ainur explained about the training directions within THE CACTLE: CUT, AMT, EBD. Shared brochures developed by CaCo and suggested to consider collaboration in Entrepreneurship training.   

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Ainur Tankiyeva

Attending CACTLE-Institutions:P8: NEU Almaty
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