Teaching methods

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Role play
The method at a glance
Please give a first short description of this method

Role play is a simulation technique when students have to pretend or to put themselves into someones shoes. The roles can be assigned to the students in order to explore the scenario, apply skills (maybe communication, negotiation, debate etc.), experience the scenario from another viewpoint, etc.

Which aims do you like to reach with this method? Please use one bullet point each aim.

  • analytical and critical thinking;
  • adaptability and flexibility skills;
  • listening to each other and debating;
  • express themselves, presentation skills.

Do you need any special tools? Eg: Whiteboard, Beamer, Special slide, Paper, Sticks, ...Please use one bullet point each tool/material.
Group size
How large should the group of learners be? You can use several sizes if the method is suitable for the selection.
Total of up to 10 Persons
How long does this method take (in minutes)? Eg: 60; 60-90
The method in detail:
How it works:
Please describe in detail how the teacher/trainer should process this method

  • provide full description, aim of the method;
  • provide clear guidelines on individual and group assessment;
  • assign the roles to students (take into account that some roles may require more participation than others).
  • identify reading material;
  • run the role play;
  • give feedback.
What to prepare:
What and how do you have to prepare exactly?
Follow up:
What do you have to do after using this method in class?
Reflecting the method
Please take you time and share your experiences with this method in class.
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