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CACO-meeting in Nuremberg
To start-up THE CACTLE, 9 CACTLE-coordinators met in Nuremberg. It was the aim to write a business plan for THE CACTLE, to get an insight in the management of the further training center of the host of this meeting, the Friedrich Alexander University and to build up one team. During this meeting key factors of THE CACTLE have been defined such as the financial part of the business plan, a market research strategy a communication strategy, a logo of THE CACTLE and the portfolio of THE CACTLE.
Opening meeting in Almaty

It was the opening meeting of the ERASMUS+ project “CACTLE” at the end of December 2015. 26 delegates from Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Spain and Uzbekistan met for the first time to start the project.

In this project "Teaching Competencies in Economics and Business" will serve universities of economics and business as catalyzer to master challenges in the environment of the universities. To support the development of excellence in teaching a “Central Asian Center for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship - CACTLE” will be implemented in the innovative form of an international acting virtual expert network with a sustainable perspective.

NARXOZ university as the host of this meeting, gave us a warm reception and cared for a pleasant stay in beautiful Almaty.

Broadening and deepening in Karaganda!

It was the aim of this 4th workshop within the project CACTLE to broaden and deepen the competences of 27 CACTLE-teachers. And: It was successful. Teachers dealt with key questions, learning outcomes, small methods to make teaching more “fluently” and methods of blended learning. Furthermore, they developed a 90 hours-program for a training course for university teachers from Central Asia that will be offered within the framework of THE CACTLE.

Apart from being successful with regard to the aims of the project it was good to see all project members again. The next step will be done in Bishkek.

Seminar “Basics of entrepreneurship” for ENU staff

Seminar “Basics of entrepreneurship” for ENU staff

On September 9, 2016 was held seminar “Basics of entrepreneurship” for ENU staff. There were invited business coachers and future Certified university teachers of CACTLE project Erasmus+ program.

Vice-rector on academic affairs Moldazhanova A.A. addressed with an opening speech for seminar participants. Mrs. Moldazhanova noticed that it is necessary to improve entrepreneurial skills among the students in order to obtain startup projects as outcome. According to Vice-rector opinion, university should develop entrepreneurial capacity building for transformation ENU in Research University.

Invited business coachers Serikov Temirbolat and Koishugulov Erbol presented their master master class on the theme “Leadership.Motivation&Development” and “Sales techniques”.

Second part of event was devoted to presentation of CACTLE center and CACTLE team. It was given more information about future CACTLE center purposes and activity.

After presentation, future certified university teachers (CUT) presented their materials on the following themes:

Nurmaganbetova Armiyash – “Integrated technologies of entrepreneurial education”;

Slyamova Balnur – “Mental model”;

Assanov Seilbek – “Technology of mixed education “Flipped classroom”.

At the end of seminar it was conducted surveys for further development of CACTLE centre activity.

Discussing plans and strategy of the CACTLE Program in Kyrgyzstan

On 11th of October, 2016 the CUTs from AKSU, IUK and KNU gathered in the Conference Room of the Arabaev Kyrgyz State University. The main aim of this meeting was discussing the plans and strategy of the CACTLE Program in Kyrgyzstan. The contact persons, coordinators and trainers  gathered together to determine the future of the project  and answer  for  such questions as target groups, number of hours for courses, pricing and other costs.

As main elements of a business plan, these themes require most objective information and ideas of many rather than few. Even though there was not debate over target groups of these courses, there was still a need to define them clear enough for future marketing purposes. This theme also includes topic of market size, which in ideal situation requires many research activities but we simply calculated using extrapolation tools.

The issue of pricing required us to identify costs and analyze competition. Even though most of costs are subject to final adjustments, still basic understanding of the pricing was reached. Teachers shared their knowledge of market prices for similar services.

Planning of future business also requires clear plan of production. In our case, it is the number and types of courses we want to deliver. We came up with two types of courses – one that lasts for a month with 2 to 3 meetings a week and intensive one-week course.

Working on the these  questions made us realize that in our competitive market we still have a shot. We were able to agree on preliminary calculations of costs and prices, market size and production load. After intensive discussion, we covered all questions and were ready in spirit to cut to work. 

It was first and huge step for building CACTLE in Kyrgyzstan.  

CACTLE presentation for the AKSU teachers

On the 28th of October, 2016 the Contact Person of the CACTLE Project, Anisa Borubaeva, and the Coordinator of the project, Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva, together with the selected teachers for the project, Bolot Oruzbaev, Erkin Momunov and Arthur Zotov, organized presentation to the teachers of the Arabaev  Kyrgyz State University.

The Contact Person, Anisa Biraevna, made an introduction, telling the teacher about the project, its aims and partners, plans and strategies in Central Asia, particularly in Kyrgyzstan. She also explained why the project is needed to our university, as well as how the project managers selected the proper candidates. The Coordinator, Dzhyldyz Albanbaeva, made a more detailed PowerPoint presentation about the CACTLE project and its partners, particularly European partner universities.

Arthur Zotov continued with his PP presentation  on Vienna Model of Teaching, its differences and  advantages. While telling he also asked the AKSU teachers  about how they approach their lectures, seminars, and made comparisons. When it slowly turned into a conversation and debates between the CACTLE and AKSU teachers, the Rector, Mr. Felix Turdulov, focused everyone’s attention to the fact that AKSU got in the project thanks to the efforts of Anisa Borubaeva, who is also the Director on External Relations, and with apologies for his busy schedule left the room. So, the teachers continued the discussion at the table with snacks and coffee/tea. The AKSU teachers got very interested in the project, and now are waiting the project to start and work successfully in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, they promised not just to help and participate but also promote it among other teachers and potential students.

Spirit of entrepreneurship in ENU

ENU after L.N. Gumilyov has celebrated 20 year anniversary this year. ENU is only among Kazakhstan’s and CIS Countries Universities included in QS Top 50 Under 50 and  take 37th place.Our University strengthens its position in QS World University Ranking 2016 by taking 345 place among 916 World Universities. In the “Webometrics”  Ranking University shows first position among national universities.

All our achievements motivate us for high-efficient management  and right distribution of labor and financial resources.  Every National University build own  development strategy, quality assurance system, mission, purposes for further development. University activities designed to bring following social and economic effect:

quality of education; efficiency of university’s  educational, scientific and innovation activity; level of intellectual potential employer satisfaction and level of alumnies employment; contribution to economy diversification.

Transformations of Kazakhstan’s economy into innovation development model, strengthening competition in local and international markets make necessary improvement of entrepreneurial education in Kazakhstan.

Spirit of entrepreneurship should correspond to modern trends and satisfy demand of business community, develop innovation economy, conduct intellectual property commercialization in order to increase level of University financial independence from state budget.  At the same time, it solves the problems of high qualified specialists shortage in labor market. Creation joint enterprises with business environment, introducing scientific-research projects support students to use their skills and knowledge on practical field.

 Nowadays  14 237 graduate degree students study in ENU. Among them 25%  students constitute graduates of the best schools from different regions, winners of the international and countrywide Olympiads.    

Since September 2016 it was introduced new module “Basics of entrepreneurship” for bachelor degree students of 1, 2 year  (6993 people) in all faculties.

Dissemination of entrepreneurial experience among students and faculty staff is supported by leading business trainers.

One of the accelerators of entrepreneurial development in ENU is “Erasmus +” project  CACTLE  (Central Asian Centre of teaching, learning and entrepreneurship).  Main partners of this project are Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Friedrich Alexander University (Germany),  University Oberta de Catalunya (Spain).  Mission of this project is sustainable development of human capital of Central Asian countries and increasing competitiveness of universities, business and regions.

Vice-rector on Strategic Development and academic coordinator of the CACTLE project Kanayev Serikzhan held several meetings with representatives of  Economic Faculty. On these events it had been discussed current problems and its solutions with introduction into the course “Entrepreneurship and creating business”.

This course (3 credit = 250 hrs) will be obligatory for bachelor students in 6th semester and planned for introducing since 1 September 2017. Correspondingly, it will constitute 3504 students for studying this course.

250 academic hours will be distributed  in the following way:

48 contact hours;

152 hours of independent work (distance learning);

50 hours for writing business plan, doing presentations and reflections.

         Educational course “Entrepreneurship and creating business” include 3 modules

Business administration;

Economics, social and ecological framework of life;

Business idea and business plan development.

         It also was discussed issue about selection and preparation of literature for suggested course “Entrepreneurship and creating business”.

It was developed special programme for selection and teaching of  university teachers in order to provide high quality and sustainable development of CACTLE project. The purpose of creating this group of teachers is necessity in dissemination  of teaching experience within the framework  of the course  “Entrepreneurship and creating business”.

For this  purposes it were selected 15 people with the next requirements and competencies:


Work experience no less one year;

Certificates of foreign internships/ foreign university degree diploma from the TOP World University;

Flexibility and skills work in team;

Protocol of one lesson with using IT technologies;

Motivation letter

Interview results

It also was reviewed and defined preparation of  15 candidates  since 2nd semester 2016-2017 academic year by CACTLE trainers Armiyash Nurmagambetova and Balnur Slyamova.

As a result of long discussion, it was solved next  issues:

To approve course “Entrepreneurship and business creation” (3 credits = 250 hours) as an obligatory course for undergraduate students  since 6th semester 1 September  2017 -2018 academic year;

To make changes in modular educational programmes of 2017 students by introducing “Entrepreneurship and business creation” (3 credits);

After preparation of 15 candidates to give bonus for CACTLE trainers Armiyash Nurmagambetova, Balnur Slyamova, Seilbek Assanov.

CACTLE teaching methods in Kyrgyz National University

 Today in Kyrgyz National university, the lecturer of the "Economics and Management" department of Kyrgyz European Faculty Makhabat Mambetalieva held open lesson to the students of the 3rd course of the "Business Management" department. As a Commission were the teachers and professors of the department. The theme of the open lesson was "The Role of HR-department in building an effective system of communication in the organization."

Makhabat Mambetalieva used the training method of CACTLE project Erasmus+, which consisted from 4 parts: introduction, basic information, reference, feedback and summering.

The lesson was productivity and exiting, therefore the students actively participated. They have asked ask questions and share their opinion regarding the theme

The interactive methods: presentation, work on a flipcharts, group task, simulation games were used during the lesson.

At the end of the lesson, the Commission noted the importance of such kind of activities for the control and monitoring of the quality of education and teaching. Moreover, they noted the high level of the conducting the lecture of Makhabat Mambetalieva and interactive methods that promote deep understanding and assimilation of theme and subject.

The article about the lecture was published in official website of KNU: 

The 3rd training seminars of the CACTLE project in Kyrgyz National University

On September 12, in the assembly hall of the main building of Kyrgyz National University (KNU)   was held the first official meeting in Bishkek for participants of the project CACTLE "Implementing a Central Asian Center for teaching, learning and entrepreneurship", Erasmus+. The welcoming remarks was delivered by Mrs. Chinara Adamkulova,  the rector of KNU on  the occasion of the first official meeting on “Implementing a Central Asian Center for teaching, learning and entrepreneurship” project:

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome all of you to this unique gathering, which brings together key representatives from European and Central Asia countries.  We are honored to host participants of the CACTLE project. This project, implemented within the framework of the program Erasmus+, this project very important not only for our University but for all partners in Central Asia, because its main purpose is to not only training students, but also training, retraining  entrepreneurs and teachers.

 We hope that this project will reach its goal, and we can get new experience from our European and Central Asian colleagues and to apply it in Kyrgyz National University.

Opening remarks of the 3rd training seminars were delivered also by the European partners:

·          Mr. Joseph Aff, project leader of the CACTLE, Professor of the University of Vienna;

·          Mr. Gerhard Heller, deputy project Manager of the CACTLE, Professor, Vienna University;

·          Mrs. Alena Kralova, independent expert, project observer of the European Union, Professor of the Prague University of Economics;

·          Mr. Nikolov Dionisi, project coordinator, Professor of the University of Vienna

·          Mrs. Gulnara Chokusheva, national coordinator of Erasmus+ in Kyrgyzstan.

The training seminars were finished on 17th of September. During the training seminars, the participants were separated into two groups. First group consists from the lecturers of Central Asian universities, who had intensive and productive trainings to increase their qualification and learn new methods of education. The lecturers emphasized, that the trainings were very interesting and useful for them. The second group consists from the contact persons and coordinators of the project. They discussed the business plan of the CACTLE project, ways to promote and run the project to achieve its goals.  

The objective of the 3rd training seminars of the CACTLE project in KNU, Bishkek has been achieved. 

CACTLE participants had an offcial meeting with rector of KNU Ch.Adamkulova and National Coordinator of Erasmus+ G.Chokusheva

Today, December 23, the rector of the Kyrgyz National University  Chynara Adamkulova held an official meeting with Gulnara Chokusheva the National Coordinator of the Erasmus + in Kyrgyzstan. The meeting was also attended by Vice-rector for scientific work of the teachers E.Laylieva KNU, N.Mambetkazieva, M.Mambetalieva, A.Bokoeva and N.Kerimalieva,   who are also participants in the project CACTLE «Central Asian Center for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship”  Erasmus +.

During the meeting, the teachers  told about their participation in the project, its goals and objectives. Also shared  about the recent participation in the training workshops held at the Vienna University of Economics (Austria) from 5 to 11 December 2016. During the week teachers from Central Asian universities to exchange experiences and knowledge, learn new teaching methods from European universities professors. Moreover, the contact-persons and coordinator  of the project  attended a lecture dedicated to the Austrian education system and met with representatives of the Ministry of Education, also they visited career center  of Vienna Economic University.  

KNU teachers shared that the gained during the CATCLE project  experience and knowledge will be used in their work. Moreover, they will provide trainings  for KNU teacher to share gathered knowledge and experience.  The participants expressed their gratitude to the project Erasmus + and its representative Gulnara Chokushevoy. They stressed that the project Erasmus+ is significant for teachers and students because it opens up new  possibilities to get an education and experience in European universities.

At the end of the meeting the Rector Chinara Adamkulova awarded Gulnara Chokusheva by diploma of the National University, and expressed gratitude  for cooperation and help to the Kyrgyz National University in implementation of the Erasmus + project.

The article was published:


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